My smart phone is the only thing keeping me smart…

Well maybe not the only thing, but definitely top three things.  Without my smart phone, I don’t know how “smart” I would be.  There’s just too much to keep up with these days.  Between my busy work schedule (I work in the automotive industry as an engineer), picking up and dropping off the kids at school, being on the board of a non-profit geared towards empowering women, play dates, doctor appointments, birthday parties, and the million other social events I just can’t keep track of everything.  So basically if it doesn’t go in my calendar on my smart phone, it’s not happening.  I’ve even had to schedule movie night with my husband on my phone before.

At first, I felt so discouraged with needing to be constantly reminded of everything and always forgetting.  I was so hard on myself.  “Why can’t I remember that early morning meeting?”  “How hard can it be to coordinate pick up and drop off with my husband?”  “I can’t believe I completely forgot about that lunch date today!”  And that’s just the filtered version.   I would like to say that before I was married and had kids I was able to remember everything and schedule myself properly.  However, that’s not the case.  I was just a bit more delusional in my memory capabilities.  In other words, I thought I could remember everything only to have triple booked myself with dinner plans with my sisters and a coffee date with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and a movie night at my best friend’s house.  All for the same day and same time.  Only to be reminded when they all started texting me to confirm, or worse ask where I was.

Finally, once I had kids I relented and started making notes and putting every appointment in my calendar with reminders.  The reminders were key, because as I found out the hard way if they weren’t turned on it was completely pointless for the event to be in my calendar.  Usually, even if I checked it something was bound to come up and distract me to the point that I forgot what I had coming up.  I had no choice once I had kids because as I said before, there was just too much going on and I didn’t want to risk disappointing the kids.  Nobody wants disappointed kids running around bored and unhappy.  That’s just disaster waiting to happen…

So it seems having more responsibilities and other people to rely on me made me more responsible in finding ways to keep me on task.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Without all my notes and calendar reminders I’d be lost and over-booked and overwhelmed.  I’d much rather rely on my phone than forget everything.  Once I accepted that fact, that I needed help and it was alright to not have everything memorized I felt much less overwhelmed and somewhat relieved.  I was relieved because I was no longer putting so much pressure on myself.  So if we have the opportunities to make life easier wherever possible, why not take it and be thankful?

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