About The Organized Chaos Mom

Hey there my fellow frazzled moms!  Welcome to The Organized Chaos Moms Club!  What is this you ask?  Well for starters, you know the different “Mom Types” out there.  The Millenial Mom, the Hipster Mom, the PTA mom, the Helicopter mom, and so many more.  The Organized Chaos mom is a little bit of everything.  A working mom (usually) who is expected to be a perfect mom while excelling in her career and still managing to make it to all the kids activities and practices and cook a homemade meal.  They seemingly have it all under control, but are typically one dropped sippy cup away from completely losing their mind.  I know I can’t be the only one!  So join me while I give some motivation and empowerment advice, tips for the working mom to keep it together, and overall commiserating between bleary-eyed moms!