Weekends are for Yoga Pants

And leggings.  And no makeup and messy hair.  Working moms spend their week in professional attire and most likely heels and it’s an unwritten rule that their weekends are spent surrounded by the most comfortable things they can find.  I know I do.  And I’m all about efficiency so if I happen to fall asleep in my yoga pants, it’s one less thing for me to do in the morning.

Before I had kids, I spent my weekends dressing up and going out with friends and staying up late.  Now that I have kids, I’m still staying up late but for a whole different reason.  I need some “me” time.  So I struggle between the constant need to get rest and wanting to stay up to catch up on my T.V. shows.  I never used to watch TV before kids.  I was “too busy” before.  With what you ask?  I have no idea.  Dinner with friends?  Vacations?  I can’t really remember much pre-kids.  That’s thanks to the brain cells sucked out of me during pregnancy, and the overall general loss of focus on anything other than keeping the kids alive and getting my work done.  So now, unless I absolutely have to go somewhere, I not only choose to stay in and be comfy but I love it.

During the week it’s always go-go-go.  I am always rushing to get the girls ready for school while getting ready myself, dropping them off and getting to work late (still carrying my Starbucks because who functions well without their coffee?), then getting my work done and rushing to leave so I can pick the girls up and get them home only to work at a whole new job there.  Getting the toddler taken care of and making sure he doesn’t dive off the couch head first (this is a full time job in itself, he has so sense of self preservation and this shaves years off my life I’m sure), making dinner for all of us, getting homework done, then it’s time for showers and bedtime.  By the time 9pm rolls around I’m completely exhausted but refuse to go to sleep because I need at least an hour or two to myself.  And this is all with an extremely supportive and helpful husband who stays home with our toddler while I’m work (I work part-time during the week, and he works weekends) and we usually divide-and-conquer the rest.  I give major credit to all the parents who have to do all these things on their own.  They deserve an award.  Or unlimited free Starbucks for life.

By the end of the week I can barely remember what day it is let alone think about planning outfits for the weekend.  So yoga pants it is!  When I do have to go out, I have a whole selection of just-as-comfy leggings.  I bought a whole new wardrobe for post-pregnancy of comfy leggings and tunics/long sweaters.  Because regular pants post C-section is not fun.  And then you get so used to them it’s really hard to go back.  So even though my weekends are still pretty packed chasing after a 15-month old, I still like to get a small “break” from the chaos that is the week.  There’s no better way to “relax” when you know you really won’t be doing much relaxing other than putting on some super comfy yoga pants and be ready to tackle the weekend.


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